Charismatic Elven Shaman


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Born in Tir na nÓg, N’ora was naturally raised bilingual in english and speretiel. Her parents, obsessed with their believe in the superiority of awakened elves, had high expectations from her firstborn Daughter. As she seemed to be mundane in her youth, her parents were disappointed and made her feel it.

Being unable to prove herself worthy and bear the increasing pressure from her parents, Nora decided to break her chains. After meeting Warwick Blair, a local smuggler, she saw her chance to start a new life. On her eighteenth birthday she stole enough money from her parents to pay the smuggler to get her away.

In the first two years in Bremen Nora tried to make a living on the streets. As she soon found out, the better her german became, the more she could ease her own misfortune by exploiting others. So she spent a lot of time in bars talking people into giving her what she wanted. Sometimes seducing, sometimes intimidating. This could have gone forever if she wouldn’t have met Wade Ward.

It was kind of complicated. One night Nora observed a group of ganger trying to rob a Troll. What seemed to be not the best of ideas turned out to be tremendously stupid as the Troll started a chant. Curious of what was going on, Nora sneaked up as close as she could.
The unknown Troll revealed to be awakened by summoning an earth elemental! Although the elemental shattered the ganger group, some ricocheting bullets accidentally had an interesting effect. Knocking of the stabilizer, a balcony pivoted down smashing against the wall and dropped some furniture. Although not heavy by itself, the height helped to give a table enough power to knock out the troll.
Nora did what was natural. The gangers were gone, the elemental disappeared so she started looting the unconscious troll. After that she half heartedly hid him from plain sight, not wanting to him to be seen by organ collectors.

A few days later when Nora came into her hideout, the troll was already awaiting her. She wanted to back out immediately but an unknown force slammed the door shup. “Not so fast, chummer. I don’t want to hurt you.” He told her while taking a strange looking cigarette from his pocket. “You stole my stuff, but you have also saved my live. You didn’t notice but I had a watcher following me. Without you my organs would be spread over the ADL by now.”
Nora was still nervous as she blurted out “How did you find me!” Smilingly Wade gave her the cigarette “I’ll show you”

As she Inhaled the smoke, Noras vision changed. The colors of her field of vision diminished always everywhere. Everywhere but two places. The troll itself and the corner where she hid her loot.
“Never steal an focus. Some might be beacons.” He said. His facial expression changed to surprise. He had assensed her before she entered the room and she seemed mundane, but something felt different now. He perceived a spark that was not there before. “And now, we’ll have a talk.”

After hearing her story and seeing her potential, Wade decided to take nora under his wings, teaching her his shamanic ways.
Over the years he became her Mentor and friend.
When Wades team was set up in one run, he was the only one barely making it, they decided to relocate. The perfect place to learn about magic seemed Karlsruhe. A good university and about as much wild magic as you can imagine. There Nora started studying magic, while Wade made the Hardtwald his home, not wanted to be seen until he could find out who is responsible for killing his team.


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